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Angreak Besdoung Thai Drama Speak Khmer

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เพราะรัก Dangerous Love , Love Luck , Kroa Ruk , Phro Rak , เคราะห์รัก
Status: Completed Released: Jan 25, 2023 - Mar 23, 2023 Duration: 1 hr. 27 min. Country: Type: TV Episodes: 18 Censor: Censored Posted by: idramahd.org Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Angreak Besdoung Thai Drama Speak Khmer

Ring was taken in by Singh’s family as a foster child so that she might develop the power to defend others around her from harm. After being forced to marry Singh, she made the decision to leave because she was afraid of being let down. She currently serves as a bodyguard for a foreign client.

When Singh was twenty years old, he took over the family business. He needs to get Nuring back since despite being disciplined and intelligent, his opponent constantly hurts him.

She had to act as a bodyguard for Singh’s rival’s daughter after Ring returned to Singh, all the while hiding her identity to keep Singh safe. She is acting in remembrance of his family for raising her. He fears anything might happen to her and doesn’t want her to do it, but he accepts it out of respect for his grandfather.

Ring is a gifted orphan who anticipates bad luck or danger better than those close to her. close assisting those who are about to pass away. Siriwat or the large man from the shrine purchased him. When Singha Bodin Siriwat’s eldest grandson had to return to take over the business and to safeguard him from many threats.

Ring was made to marry him as a young woman in order for her to serve as the Suriyarit family’s perpetual bulwark. Singh, however, quickly turned into Ring’s foe. He frequently makes fun of Ling, letting her know that he has always despised her, and he is doubtful of her talent.

As for Singh, he knew that Ringrak was with his younger brother Surrapee. Surrapee, however, was forced to perish as a result of his obstinacy. Singh felt remorse about Ring. He therefore permitted her to live in freedom. But he was constantly keeping a close eye on her. Singha loved his wife deeply, but she refused to wed this man.

owing to love.

Ring pretended to be an attractive lady in order to avoid the attention of the other sex. to uphold chastity to continue possessing the traits of a person with magical abilities If you lose your virginity, you’ll no longer be able to assist others. Singh’s adversary has a conflict with Singh’s family up until six years have passed. returned to exact familial retribution. Ring is discovered by an unknown stranger who intends to hurt her. Ling was requested to return to live with Sing as his wife since he was worried about her. To ensure the ring’s security Sing is now starting to be open about how much he loves her.

Ring has shielded Singha from numerous threats. As they grew closer, the depth of their love became more apparent. Many hurdles started to surface at the same time. from Tripradab, both Sangsuree, Sing’s cousin, an ex-boyfriend who still has feelings for Singha and is constantly trying to get rid of Sing out of jealousy. or even Mr. Yai Siriwat, who forbade Sing and Ring from engaging in sexual activity out of concern that the ring would lose its magical properties. And last but not least, Zhou, the son of Kajon and a former foe of Siriwat. In order to have his father accept him, Zhou intends to exact revenge on the Suriyarit family. as a result, making plans to strike Singha in every way But in the end, he was completely smitten with Ring. and desire the ring for themselves.

How will Sing and Ring’s love ultimately be resolved? Will you defeat your foe and find fulfilment, or not? So, is there a connection between a ring and a lion? as a result of losing your talent Your loved ones will be in risk. Or will Singh consent to put his life in danger? Because of love—love for you, love

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