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Luoch Sne Lok Svamei

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Status: Ongoing Released: Apr 21, 2020 - Jun 9, 2020 Country: Type: TV Episodes: 15 Censor: Censored Posted by: idramahd.org Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Luoch Sne Lok Svamei

The intelligent and gifted Muey has been living with her longtime crush, Thien, for nearly seven years. She develops a deeper love for Thien throughout that period, but he simply sees her as a target for bullying and teasing. He has no idea what she is going through. She decides to accept her inability to love him in person.

After all, Thien is intelligent, wealthy, diligent, and attractive. His one “flaw” is that he can be a little bit of a player. Unfortunately, when he sleeps with a violent mobster’s wife, it causes a lot of difficulty. Thien’s life is in risk following that. Thien’s mother pushes him to wed Muey in order to protect him. Muey only consents in order to ensure Thien’s safety, but it also gives her a chance to become closer to him. Though he reluctantly agrees, Thien wishes to keep his relationship with Muey a secret.
How will their bond fare once Muey starts working for the same employer? In these conditions, is love even conceivable for them?


Item: Almost brokenhearted, adoring her husband in secret.
airing on Monday and Tuesday
20:30:00 – 22:50:00 (air time)
HD quality
The summary reads, “Nearly heartbroken.”
she is secretly in love with her husband Thienwat, a reclusive architect who is compelled to wed due to his financial situation. Yai May, the younger sister of the skull and shell, continues to have fun every day, but the woman he picks as his wife must be attractive on the inside and out. The more I learned of Grandma Moei’s secret admiration of him in the future. That made the need for a divorce even more pressing. He devised a scheme without being aware of that. My marriage to this person will be my one and final union.
Nateerin or Moei (Nittha Jirayungyuen), a young interior designer at Hammock Company, is in a good mood when the narrative opens. Moei had been secretly in love with Thienwat or Thien (Prin Suparat), a young architect from TPC, since high school. This was especially true when Khun Sachi (Tuk-Ta Tungkamanee), Mother Thea’s adoring daughter, asked Prapha (Ansana Buranan), a close friend, to raise Moei as a daughter. brought Moei closer to Thian’s home. However, Moei is simply a sister to Thian. especially considering that this marriage is a servile union. Because Thean unintentionally got involved with Yada (Ratchawin Wongwiriya), a powerful politician, despite Yada already being married to Pholdej (Nat Thephasadin Na Ayudhya). Pol Det thus threatened to kill him to death. decent to survive To demonstrate to Poldej that he did not want to continue interfering with Yada, Khun Sachi compelled Thean to register her marriage to Moei because she was frightened about her son. Moei himself wished to safeguard Thea, thus he did not turn down the request from the benefactor Sachi. Because Yada and Poldej continue their harassing campaign, Thian is compelled to wed Moei. Yada was devastated because she had a real crush on Thea. He was thus subjected to both physical and psychological assault.

the wedding day of Thea and Moei An unexpected family wedding was held by Ri (Anusorn Maneethet), older brother Thien, sister-in-law Mon (Maneerat Thammaneewong), mother, mother, Sachi, and Prapha. Moei and Thien start out their marriage together. In which Thien continued to treat Moei coldly and requested a contract from Moei promising not to disclose their impending marriage to anyone at the firm. Even if they worked for a nearby company, he wouldn’t let Mei ride in the car with him. But Moei makes an effort to be a nice wife. make food Taking good care of Snow, Thea’s favourite cat, and all the outfits. Despite the fact that Snow enjoys fighting with May’s dog Chao Oyaa, which results in constant reprimands for Moei. Yada’s father Tada (Surasak Chaiat) became frustrated because she continued to hold onto Thian. Yada is upset with her father for causing her marriage to be miserable because Poldej showed up to sue.

Everyone on the side, including Tum (Kanitkun Netbut), Kung (Lalana Kongtoranin), Frog (Kanin Stanley), and May, is informed through Hammock Chat (Boromwut Hiranyashthiti). that Hammock will relocate the business after it joins TPC Causing Because she needed to meet Thea, Moei was under pressure. There will undoubtedly be an issue. which Thien ordered a meeting on the first day the company was put together. Everyone was astounded by Thian’s ruthlessness. Yada followed him once more at the same moment. Come and wait all day long Thien pursued him and persisted. It’s a good thing May did. and quarrelled with Yada until she was forced to return.
My heart is nearly in pieces. I have a crush on my hubby.
Moei was permitted to quit from her position by Thien. because he was concerned Yada would pursue him once more and may divulge the circumstances surrounding Thian and Moei’s marriage. But because Moei enjoys working here, he insists on staying on. Nothing can be done by Thea. He was not happy with Moei in numerous ways at the same time. Particularly the tale that the company’s young men, both frogs and nations, flirt with Moei, but that Moei is uninterested in anyone. However, there are a lot of girls who are interested in Thea, including Millet (Pitchapa Phanthumchinda), an accountant who has a crush on her. She reprimanded Moei and kept an eye on Moei’s actions after seeing Moei so close to Thian.

Moei’s wedding ring caught Thea’s attention, and she became upset that Moei meant to tell everyone about it. Nevertheless, Moei claimed that it couldn’t be taken out. Thien wasn’t convinced. Yada decides to divorce Poldej after a fight. then quickly tell Thea. But Thia is unconcerned. I don’t think I’ll mess with Yada again, at least not now. So Yada told everyone that Thean was getting married to Moei. startled a number of his close friends, including Beer (Nattapong Chatpong), Toon (Thanakorn Chinkul), and Nut (Most-Wisarut Himarat). Department head for Architects, Chet (Techin Ployphet), is also aware of this. Chet raced to inform Baramee (Chatchawarin Klainak), the head of the TPC executive committee, about this issue. because it is connected to the legend that Thada Yada’s father, who was secretly in love with her husband, came to purchase stock in the company while his heart was almost broken.


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