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Somnom Reourng Krong Lor Yang Speak Khmer

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风起洛阳 Also Known As: Wind from Luoyang , Feng Qi Luo Yang , 洛阳 , 風起洛陽 , 洛陽
Status: Ongoing Released: Dec 1, 2021 - Dec 29, 2021 Duration: 45 min. Country: Type: TV Episodes: 39 Censor: Censored Posted by: idramahd.org Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Somnom Reourng Krong Lor Yang Speak Khmer

Somnom Reourng Krong Lor Yang The notorious deputy marshal Gao Bing Zhu is a member of the underclass. Having been accused of a crime, he must prove his innocence. He encounters a young man named Baili Hong Yi who is looking into the circumstances surrounding the death of his father while doing his investigation. To solve both mysteries, they cooperate.

A wealthy family’s daughter with exceptional martial arts abilities and strong survival instincts is on her own mission. To elicit information from Gao Bing Zhu, she approaches him. They resent one other for their bothersome class distinctions. They quickly become connected at the hip despite the strain. A terrible scheme is uncovered during their inquiry. It will probably destroy the entire city once it becomes known, leaving Luoyang with blood on his hands.

The wicked deputy commander Gao Bingzhu (played by Huang Xuan), who was in the bottom of Luoyang, got accidentally embroiled in the case and was made a suspect due to his excellent martial arts skills and business acumen. After meeting the real Baili Hongyi (played by Wang Yibo), the two started working together and looking into things. In order to look into connected incidents and locate potential informants, the inner guard Wu Siyue (played by Song Qian), who was born into a family, approached Gao Bingzhu. Two individuals from very opposite social classes, Gao Bingzhu and Baili Hongyi, were unable to see one another. aesthetically pleasing yet needed to be tied together. The three finally uncovered a frightening scheme as they dug deeper into the case, one that may demolish God’s capital and leave Luoshui bathed in blood.

Episode 1

The informer’s father and daughter were assassinated in Nanshi while travelling to the capital of God to report. The suspect was initially taken away by the inner guard Yuehua Jun Wu Siyue, but Dali Temple Qing Gaosheng pulled him back on the grounds that the assassin had killed the princess of Changle. Gao Bingzhu pretended to be the murderer of Spring and Autumn Taoism when he broke into Dali Temple’s prison, and while there he discovered that “the informer’s father and daughter are dead, and the great cause of the Shinto will be accomplished.” The informer’s body had the well-known cross wound, and Gao Bingzhu discovered a public test that revealed the informer was from Cangshan. Gao Bingzhu had his doubts after recalling the incident where the informant met Baili Hongyi in Nanshi. It has a connection to Baili Hongyi. Feng Yulang Wu Neiwei You made the decision to assign a joint investigation into the murder of an informant to Dali Temple and Yiyue. The prisoner suffered severe injuries and passed away there. Standing up, Gao Bingzhu declared that the offender had committed suicide.

Episode 2

Gao Sheng informed the saint that the killer in the Nanshi case, Gao Bingzhu, had turned himself in. The situation, Siyue simply stated, was riddled with uncertainty. Siyue received the Order of Furong Peony from the sage, who also gave her instructions to look into the situation completely as quickly as possible. Siyue requested from the sage an edict that the inner guards be in charge of questioning Gao Bingzhu. However, Baili Hongyi flatly stated that Baili Yan clings to the Liu family and refuses to marry into their family. Siyue Lianfang encountered Han Dongqing and enquired of Gao Bingzhu. Official of the Dali Temple Chen Que killed the three inner guards while Gao Bingzhu was being carried to the inner guard, then turned and shot Gao Bingzhu. They clashed inside the carriage. Chen Que was detained by Gao Bingzhu when he was fatally stabbed by a halberd that flew into the carriage from the outside. This hand halberd was the same one Shiliuye had used to murder his siblings five years prior, as Gao Bingzhu learned. Later, Gao Bingzhu discovered through Bad Jing Chou that the hand halberd was created from Mt. Cangshan brass and that the Great Buddha in Heaven was constructed using a similar type of brass.

Episode 3

Gao Bingzhu was thought to be responsible for the murders of Chen Que and other people. Gao Bingzhu arrived on his own initiative after Siyue and Pei Jian led individuals into the dangerous well in an attempt to arrest him. On the wedding day, Siyue obtained information from Lianfang and deduced that Gao Bingzhu’s move was intended to facilitate the nuptials. After all, Baili Hongyi made a concession to his father and wed Liu Ran. Gao Bingzhu was able to enter Baili Mansion to attend the wedding dinner with the aid of Miao Niang, the proprietor of Jishan Casino, by dressing as a servant of Liu Zhang, a representative of Dongbu. When Baili Hongyi questioned Siyue about the informant following the wedding, she discovered that Gao Bingzhu had infiltrated the house. He had a fleeting thought of Grandpa when he recalled Gao Bingzhu’s earlier enquiries regarding Cangshan. Gao Bingzhu was present and was now a suspect when Baili Hongyi and Siyue arrived at Bailiyan’s study. Bailiyan had already passed away. Gao Bingzhu escaped Baili Mansion by stealing Baili Hongyi. Gao Bingzhu was asked by Baili Hongyi why he had slain his grandfather. Baili Hongyi was dubious when Gao Bingzhu claimed that he did not carry out the action by himself.

Episode 4

After Dali Temple discovered that Gao Bingzhu had frequently killed people, Gao Sheng issued an order to barricade all of the bad wells’ exits. Gao Bingzhu and Pei Jian discussed terms in order to salvage the problematic wells. In less than ten days, he promised, he will find the genuine offender. When Baili Hongyi examined his father’s remains, he discovered that poisoning was the cause of death. Gao Bingzhu went to investigate after learning that Baili Mansion had commodities in Nanshi Dockyard, but he unintentionally walked right into the trap. With a halberd in hand, the guy in black suddenly came and engaged Gao Bingzhu in a bloody duel. The man in black drowned after falling into the sea. Gao Bingzhu believed the man in black to be Shiliuye in error. Gao Bingzhu stood in front of the brothers’ graves and reflected on how upset he had been five years prior when he had taken the brothers out of the bad well without permission, killing seven of them. Son Chu discovered that Lian Fang had an internal traitor after discovering that Lian Fang was not forewarned about the Nanshi Dockyard incident.

Episode 5

Bailiyan had the venom of the Shachi snake, according to an autopsy conducted by Gao Bingzhu after opening the coffin. Gao Bingzhu informed Siyue Nanshi that Chunqiu Dao was responsible for the assassination case, the murdering of the inner guard, and Bailiyan’s death since the inner guard had stolen all of his prior records and files. Siyue summoned Gao Bingzhu into the Neiwei Mansion to search the files in order to look into the case. Informing Siyue of the crucial indication that there was a problem with the copper mine, Gao Bingzhu investigated the file and discovered that the “copper material” entries were different. Water transportation is required to move copper ore from Cangshan to Shendu. Upon learning that the ship carrying the copper ore originated from Bailifu, Bailang discovered that the purity of the copper ore was not as high as before. Gao Bingzhu was further persuaded by this evidence that the copper ore was flawed. I discovered that at midnight, a fleet of weeping willow boats will be making their way back to Shendu from Cangshan.

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