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Krom Sangkrous Knong Phnouk Plerng Chinese Movie Speak Khmer

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Status: Ongoing Released: Jul 8, 2021 - Jul 29, 2021 Duration: 40 min. Country: Type: TV Episodes: 24 Censor: Censored Posted by: idramahd.org Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Krom Sangkrous Knong Phnouk Plerng Chinese Movie Speak Khmer

Huo Yan rose to the position of vice-captain of the Fire Rescue Team upon his graduation from the Civil Defence Academy. He met Yan Lan, a physician working in the emergency room, when he had to rescue a pregnant woman from a delivery car. Due to misunderstandings, their encounter got off to a bad start. Huo Yan has always maintained a cool demeanour and a firm grasp on every circumstance. The only unknown aspect of his life, nevertheless, is the appearance of “sunshine” Yan Lan.

On an earthquake relief trip, Huo Yan and Yan Lan cross paths once more. As a result of the terrible circumstances they are frequently subjected to during their mission and the endless separations brought on by life and death, their bond grows stronger. As soon as they arrived back in the city, word of a highly contagious sickness spread. Yan Lan and her coworkers start working hard right away, joining the fight against the illness. Huo Yan and the individuals who benefited from their assistance are always concerned for Yan Lan’s safety and use every available tactic to help her in silence and behind her back.

On the other hand, Jiang Tong, the Fire Rescue Team’s deputy teacher, falls in love with Wang Dayin, a fellow employee who comes off as reserved and introverted. Jiang Tong is driven to learn Wang Da Yin’s background despite Wang Da Yin’s persistent avoidance and her family’s objections. Wang Da Yin also gradually developed into a guy with a sense of purpose and accountability during the process.
Young firefighter Huo Yan (played by Gong Jun) and emergency physician Yan Lan (played by Zhang Huiwen) meet after a sudden vehicle accident. Together, they battle for the shared goal of “saving lives.” A miscommunication between the two parties led to their introduction. Huo Yan, a “veteran cadre,” believed that the only uncertain aspect of his existence was Yan Lan, the “little sun.” There were ups and downs in the couple’s relationship. Huo Yan and Yan Lan’s relationship soured as they participated in a cross-provincial reinforcement for an earthquake and saw all kind of life and death brought on by the dire circumstances. Huo Yan and everyone else who had been helped remained mute while quietly supporting Yan Lan in their own ways. Yan Lan, who has medical ideals, gave everything he had to saving lives and mending the injured.

Episode 1
Firefighter Huo Yan rushed to save lives after a serious traffic collision at the Yunlong East Road Tunnel. A woman who was ready to give birth was among those trapped, and emergency room doctor Yan Lan was his route to treat the injured. The expectant woman was consoled by Yan Lan over the phone, but unanticipatedly her high blood sugar caused her to suddenly fall into a coma. The expectant woman’s condition was found by Huo Yan. He quickly contacted Yan Lan, then administered insulin to the expectant mother to help her condition. After an operation, Huo Yan and the firefighters were able to successfully rescue the expectant mother. She was about to give delivery when her amniotic water burst as a result of her fear. Yan Lan got there in time for the birth of the child.

Episode 2
The Fujia Community was the scene of a fire. Together, Huo Yan and Roger led the team members into the residential building to free the captive residents. In an effort to save the young child who was close to the electric car, which caught fire owing to the explosion on the first level, Yan Lan became stuck in the flames. Huo Yan directed the fire-fighting efforts from his elevated position. Through the walkie-talkie, Yan Lan communicated with Huo Yan. Yan Lan was successfully rescued from danger by Huo Yan. Yan Lan was requested to work as Professor Ye’s assistant on a project connected to the Dongshan Fire Station. Yan Lan only intended to see Huo Yan and thank her, but Bai Xiaolin made it seem like a blind date, making Yan Lan decide she didn’t want to go.

Episode 3
Yan Lan was the individual from the hospital who Huo Yan discovered while researching the joint medical and elimination project. He invited Li Yanliang to meet Yan Lan because he thought it would be awkward to do so. Yan Lan was brought to the fire station’s storage facility. She unintentionally got her head jammed in the warehouse railing when she was cleaning up. She was forced to dial 119 for assistance. Huo Yan hurried to save people, but he had no idea that Yan Lan was the target of his efforts. Jiang Tong and Wang Dayin fought to put out the fire. Jiang Tong defeated Wang Dayin. Wang Dayin was requested to apologise by Jiang Tong, but refused, leading to a heated argument between the two. Yan Lan was being briefed by Huo Yan about the situation at the station, and Huo Yan jumped into action as soon as he was made aware of it.

Episode 4
Yan Lan helped with the search after learning that the beekeeper hadn’t returned after buying rock honey. Yan Lan went to get rock honey, which was something that Bai Xiaolin had to admit to Huo Yan when she noticed that he hadn’t yet returned. Chen Pingeng was notified of the situation by Yan Lan, and he urged everyone to help with the rescue effort. When Yan Lan located the beekeeper, she discovered that he was hurt. Huo Yan showed up with a first aid pack. Yan Lan thought the beekeeper required immediate surgery to lower the air pressure in her lungs due to a severe pneumothorax. Huo Yan and Yan Lan provided updates on the injured’s state. Yan Lan’s procedure was opposed by Chen Pingeng and Luo Jie, who both feared that complications might endanger the lives of the injured.

Episode 5
Huo Yan pleaded with Yan Lan to keep the secret when Yan Lan learned the cause of her blood and needle allergies. Huo Yan purposefully went over to where Yan Lan was eating in the cafeteria with Luo Jie in an effort to become envious of Yan Lan and attract Yan Lan’s attention. Huo Yan and Luo Jie fought over the milk when Yan Lan went to get it. The two directly struggled for the milk Yan Lan handed them, which led to their eventual argument. Huo Yan was taken for a massage by Yan Lan, who then used provocation to coerce Huo Yan into accepting acupuncture. Huo Yan put up with the acupuncture, much to Yan Lan’s delight. Huo Yan was taken to see Huo Lan’s “boyfriend,” a small yellow dog named Xingxing. Huo Yan immediately fired Xingxing and ceased the job of guarding Yan Lan.

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