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Tikrong Silpak
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Tikrong Silpak

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Synopsis Tikrong Silpak

Maya City, renowned Xact Camp play, crystal clear clarity extremely enjoyable
(From April 29 until July 7, 2000) Takonkiet Wirawan is the director. Actors Wanichungkun Nusba McIntosh, Kattleya Kunakorn Sanya Yamnam Chakrit Rungnophakunsri Songsit Boriraksupakorn Pimmada Niwatwong Anuwat Beautiful girl Ranchalee (Nussaba Wanichungura), well-known in society She has a complete verbal presentation. amiable manners and reputation But no one is fully aware of her willingness to go to any lengths to obtain it. Her lifelong ambition is to work in the entertainment sector, hence she needs The main goal of the most successful is to defeat Phawida, a former childhood friend. The star of the programme is Phavida (Katleya Mackintosh), a contemporary girl who is not a student. She exudes great levels of confidence and cares nothing for society, which has led to many people disliking her appearance despite it being enhanced by her attractiveness and distinctive attitude. Additionally to getting assistance She became a new generation of stars thanks to Kongsakul’s (Sanya Kunakorn), an influential TV station executive, support. Pavida has the chance to get to know Kan (Chakrit Yamnam), a well-known hero. They both fall in love with one other, but they are not yet ready. to make known to the public Thus, the Kongsakul still keep their love a secret. He asked Ranchalee to participate in a drama with Kan after noticing the stars in Ranchalee’s physique. Because this was the chance Ranchalee had been waiting for a very long time, she consented right away. Being a celebrity also gives you the chance to be close to Kan, the hero who has captured your admiration. The TV drama in which Ranchalee and Kan co-starred was a tremendous hit. The ideal celebrity couple, both for their playing roles and for receiving media support while they are together. Kan will be won over by Ranchalee till he falls in love. Ranchalee, however, instructed Kan to part ways with Pavida first. She consents to go out with me. Phavida became aware of Kan’s transformation. She eventually discovered everything about it. She and Kan got into a heated quarrel. Kan chose to end their relationship. and blatantly revealed herself to be Ranchalee’s girlfriend, upsetting Pavida greatly. Phavida was fortunate in job while being let down in love. She met Chonlatit (Songsit Rungnoppakhunsri), the company’s owner, after being selected to demonstrate the One brand of soap. Despite being a large man with a pleasant demeanour, a wife, and kids, Chonlatit falls in love with Pavida. She disregarded his attempts to be helpful, too. Chonlathit promised that he would find a way to divorce his wife and marry her as quickly as possible, but one night he decided to rape her. She was still perplexed, though. She believed that all she was now was a mistress. She then started to argue with her brother Dan, who had just arrived, over this Chonlatit myth. The young man was impulsive and blunt because he came from a strange country, but he never considered hurting anyone. and having a pleasing appearance despite being despised by the media for his impatience and lack of patience, causing him to be called to photo sessions and develop into a well-known model To be completely honest, Dan first met Rin (Pimmada Boriraksupakorn / Pim Sasa) during a commercial shoot. Rin is Ranchalee’s sister and had recently decided to try her hand at modelling commercials. They grew irritated with one another when they realised the other was the enemy’s brother. However, following numerous opportunities to reconnect, Getting close and understanding one another on a deeper level. to make them both fall in love He was worried that his sister would object, so they had to meet in private and out of the public eye. Problems started to arise on the side of Kan and Ranchalee. Due to Ranchalee’s parents, Kan began to feel increasing amounts of strain. He is a provincial man without an ethnic background, which makes me dislike him. Kan and Ranchalee’s parents got into a quarrel after Kan could take it no longer. Kan left Ranchalee and ran into Pavida once more. They both understood that they still had feelings for one another. When they reconnected, pleasant memories returned. She was furious with Ratchalee and worried that Kan would make amends with Phavida once more, so she put out the fire at the start of the wind. by making the media aware of Pavida’s status as Chonlatit’s mistress Wipada is a mistress who is perplexed by this situation and astonished to see the entire Chonlathit circle. Family issues were becoming more and more prevalent. His kids got really sick and then passed away. Because his wife was so upset, he snapped and killed Cholthit. cause Phavida visits a pub one evening with her friends to unwind after a stressful day. And that day, she was apprehended and found after the cops detected Ecstasy. As the amount of narcotics in her urine increased, Kongsakul grew outraged. She was taken out of the drama being filmed by the person who raised her. and terminated her employment while blacklisting her. Kan felt quite uneasy about this. Ranchalee was charged with doing it. Phavida was unfortunate to go through this Ranchalee is furious. She made the decision to enter Phavida’s home. Even worse, Rin, her own sister, was the unexpected person she ran into. Rachalee reprimanded Dan as she grew enraged, and she then gave Rin the go-ahead to return home. Phavida returned to view the occurrence at the exact same time. A heated argument was instigated by Phavida and Ranchalee. and categorically barred them from reuniting. Phavida has trouble getting work as an actor. But she was turned away everywhere until Asanee (Anuwat Niwatwong), a well-known composer who lives next door, intervened. By designating Asani as the lead character in the play he used his compositions to create, Phavida was moved and amazed. Even though Asanee is a gay man who recently had his partner break up with him, when they get near, both Asanee and Rin experience feelings of love for one another. even apart from your sister However, they constantly look for a means to get together. Rin and Ryu clash one day.


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